SarabandeCover2015Sarabande, a contemporary fantasy originally published in 2011, returned to print in 2015.

From Thomas-Jacob Publishing: When Sarabande’s sister Dryad haunts her for three years beyond the grave, Sarabande begins a dangerous journey into the past to either raise her cruel sister from the dead, ending the torment, or to take her place in the safe darkness of the earth. In spite of unsettling predictions about her trip, Sarabande leaves the mountains of Pyrrha and Montana on a black horse named Sikimí and heads for the cornfields of Illinois in search of Robert Adams, the once powerful Sun Singer, hoping he can help with her quest. 

Conjure Woman’s Cat, a novella set in the Florida Panhandle was also released in 2015 CWCcoverby Thomas-Jacob Publishing. This is a 1950s-era story about conjure, the Klan and the blues. See the trailer here. Learn more about the book on its website.

Audio editions of both Sarabande and Conjure Woman’s Cat are available. I’m pleased that the audiobook for Conjure Woman’s Cat received an Earphones Award from “AudioFile Magazine.” Released this fall, Eulalie and Washerwoman is the sequel to Conjure Woman’s Cat. See the trailer here.

We’re working on bringing out some of my books in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Kind of exciting.

The set features “Cora’s Crossing,” about two college-aged students who meet a ghost on a haunted bridge, and “Moonlight and Ghosts,” about a the former employee of a closed psychiatric hospital who is drawn back to the purportedly haunted building.

Both of these stories are set in the Florida Panhandle. The haunted bridge is real; the psychiatric hospital existed as an abandoned building for many years and was finally torn down.

CarryingSnakesCoverMy three-story set of folktales, The Land Between the Rivers, was released on Kindle September 29, 2013; a new edition appeared in 2015. The audio book edition of Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire, a comedy/satire, was released September 6, 2013. Jock Stewart Strikes Back, a collection of humorous stories, was released in March 2014.

You may also enjoy my e-book short stories on Kindle and in other formats, “The Lady of the Blue Hour,” “Moonlight and Ghosts,” “Carrying Snakes Into Eden,” “Cora’s Crossing,” and “Emily’s Stories.” (“Emily’s Stories” is also available on iTunes and Amazon as an audio book.)

VisitingAuntRubyCoverMy most recent Kindle story, “Visiting Aunt Ruby,” was released February 12, 2016 by Thomas-Jacob Publishing as part of their “Stories from Tate’s Hell” series.

Tate’s Hell is a swamp and state forest on Florida’s Gulf coast that I used to visit when I was in high school and college. In this story, a young man goes to Florida to visit his girlfriend and more or less has to get past her bawdy Aunt Ruby who lives in a doublewide next to the swamp and, as they say, tells it like it is.

The story sells for 99 cents and is free on Kindle Unlimited.


Two Florida piney woods storyies,

Two Florida piney woods stories.



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